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Policies & Procedures

Please read before booking to ensure you get the most out of your shoot.


To get the most out of your photoshoot, please ensure that the property is ready before we arrive on site.  The home should be as clean and decluttered as possible— less is more, so consider removing excess clutter, personal items, and holiday decor if possible.  Other preparations include opening and raising blinds as desired, turning lights on (unless you'd like a more editorial feel, then lights off), turning fans off, and removing cars from the garage or driveway.  We don’t mind helping with minor adjustments to improve a shot, but if you need other assistance moving large furniture, rugs, etc. please plan accordingly.



We do offer sky replacements in all photo packages, so a cloudy sky will not necessarily affect the outcome of your photos.  BUT in the event of unfavorable weather during the time of your photoshoot, you may opt to reschedule if you prefer.  Please reach out to us asap, and we will find another day and time for your shoot.



Cancellations made within less than 24 hours of your appointment may be subject to a $50 cancellation fee, with the exception of those due to unforeseen weather conditions.



Rates include travel within 35 miles and time spent on location shooting (1-3 hours depending on size of home/property or services requested).  Properties outside of this 35 mile radius are subject to a travel fee of $0.60/mile for the total distance; this accounts not just for mileage, but also time spent traveling to and from the location.



Payment is due at or before the time of the shoot, unless specified otherwise.  I accept cash, check, Venmo, or Square payments (subject to a 3% service fee).  Failure to pay voids any usage rights for any media provided.


We make every effort to deliver photos within 2 days, if not next-day.  Videos often take 2-3 days depending on the size of home and video length.  Packages are also delivered within 2-3 days, unless the size and scope of the property are extremely large and require additional time.  In the event of a delay, we will notify you asap. 

All images are delivered in a personal online gallery as high-resolution jpegs— large enough files to be high quality, but also small enough to be able to download and upload quickly.  If you need higher resolution for any reason, such as large scale print, please reach out to us.


In the unlikely event of loss of media before delivery, we will refund you any payments received for said media.



All Photographs shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Photographer, including but not limited to all copyrights and other intellectual property rights therein, in perpetuity. All rights not expressly granted herein shall be reserved by the Photographer. Modification of Photographs and/or incorporation of Photographs in any layout, concept, reproduction, or publication shall not constitute a Joint Work. Photographer shall have the sole power to enforce its copyrights and any other intellectual property, including without limitation all registration, renewal, and reversion rights, and the right to register and sue to enforce such rights against infringers.


Non exclusive, non transferable, non sublicensable


If you have paid in full, you have the right to use the products. You agree that the rights to use the products have been granted only to you. You agree not to transfer, assign, or sublicense your right to use the product, photograph, video or other media contained to anyone without the written permission of the copyright holder, Meghann Padgett.


Your rights permit your use of the photographs, video, and other media for marketing purposes only, including multiple listing services and social media. However your rights do not permit third parties to copy, display, or distribute our work for the purpose of providing services competitive with our products unless we give you our written permission.


For real estate sales, these rights are valid indefinitely so long as you have the listing. If you no longer have the listing, you are giving up your rights to use the products.  If anyone asks you for any of your rights to use the products, you agree to refer them to us. If we agree to allow others to use the products, an additional licensing fee may be required. 


We agree not to use the products in a way that interferes with your rights.

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