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a creator. My art ranges from thoughts on bodies to sketches on bar napkins. I piece movement together on film and find freedom in its physicality.

most intrigued by how a moving body becomes an affirmation of the shared human experience. How can a wave, a twitch, a wink, a touch communicate this interconnectedness, shake us to our core and soothe us at once? Art brings me closer to these truths.

currently a vagabond in the Bible Belt, reconnecting to my Southern roots after being displaced by current events from my life as a dancer, photographer, and filmmaker in New York. 

a hustler baby...I just want you to know.

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Upcoming Events

FEBRUARY 19, 2021*

Premiere of Meghann's latest work, COG,

performed by students of

Columbia College Dance Company

@ Cottingham Theatre

MAY 1-2, 2021*

Filming of new works with 

Moving Body Dance Company

@ Columbia Music Festival Association

*tickets are currently unavailable for live events. 

More info to come on potential live stream of performances