As a choreographer, Meghann's work reflects the freedom she finds within dance’s physicality, with movement ranging from expansive, space-swallowing sweeps to precise, gestural compulsions.  She studies sensation (the careful caress of a cheekbone, the chaotic convulsions of a body/brain/soul in overdrive), physical and emotional extremes, and the interplay of weight and momentum.  Although her choreography is at times a personal reflection of her own motional journey, it also acknowledges and celebrates the nuances of character exposed in each body’s unique language.  Consequently, her creative process is not only informed by her own feelings or experiences, but also by those of her collaborators, ultimately enriching the work and allowing her to find the through line from one human being to another.


Dancers | Aaron Samuel Davis, Jordan Ryder, Dante Norris, Bethany Puente, Lorena Perez Sanchez,
Miriam Rose (2018)
Music | Jeremy Richard Snyder
Premiered Fall 2017 | Jack Crystal Theatre, NYC


Dancers | Norberto Gabriel, Lorena Perez Sanchez
Music | Nicolas Jaar
Premiered Spring 2017 | Jack Crystal Theatre, NYC